Paul and Stephen Spiritist Centre, a not for profit organization, was born with the ideal of bringing the Spiritist message to anyone in Australia independent of social status, race, ethnic background or religion.
We focus on providing Spiritual Assistance to anyone seeking spiritual help, an understanding of spiritual topics, and also motivation in life. All activities are based in on one principle: “Without charity there is no salvation”.

Paul and Stephen’s core is based on the work developed by Allan Kardec, as is Spiritism itself. Its foundation lies on the triple aspect: Philosophy, Religion and Science bringing to our daily lives a broader understanding of spiritual life and happiness.

The center, was founded in 2002, 14 years ago with no hierarchical structure but equal sharing and dedication of its members to provide a range of activities. These activities include: Spiritual Healing (Passes), children’s school, courses, discussion groups and talks on Spiritism; all in a sociable, understanding and welcoming environment.

What reincarnation is, where do we come from, the spiritual world and self-understanding are some of the topics covered in our talks and courses.

If you wish to learn more please visit us, all are welcome. Find all details below.

Opening hours:
Every Saturdays from 4pm until 6pm
256 Richardson St, Middle Park VIC 3206