Dear Friend,

Paul & Stephen Spiritist Centre has a library of spiritist books to our members. There are only few itens in English at the moment, we intend to expand it. This library was created with donations from members, friends and other Spiritist Centres and Associations.

The ones who know the value of a spiritist book understand the importance of this library that we set available to all members. Basicly anyone interested in borrowing books from our library can do it without any expense. It’s only necessary to come to our Centre and fill in a form as a reader member.

Donations to our library are always welcome, because the number of readers is always increasing. If you want to contribute donating a book that you already read, please, send us an e-mail and we’ll contact you to receive it.

Below it is our uptaded list:

Book’s name | Author
Gospel | Alan Kardec
Spirit’s Book | Alan Kardec
Mediums’ Book |  Alan Kardec
Nosso Lar | André Luiz
Life goes on | André Luiz